Electrician Apprenticeship Training with Shaw Electric

Become a Licensed Electrician in Iowa

Graduating from high school presents many options for paving the road to your future. While college is the traditional path to take, there is also a high demand for skilled craftsman in the working world. Choosing to become an Electrician with Shaw Electric not only sets you up for a promising career and livable income, but also saves you thousands of dollars. 

Benefits to Training for a Career as a Journeyman Electrician

Cost of an Electrical Apprenticeship

While a Bachelor’s Degree in the state of Iowa can cost an average 82,424 dollars in four years, an Electrical Apprenticeship costs much less at 4,400 dollars on average in the same amount of time. An Electrical Apprenticeship with Shaw Electric combines paid on-the-job training with classroom instruction while you receive the benefits of a full-time employee. At the end of four years, not only will you have the knowledge to take the state test to become a licensed Journeyman Electrician, but you will also have much less debt to pay off.

Estimated Earning Potential for a Journeyman Electrician

Once licensed as a Journeyman Electrician, earnings range anywhere from 43,800-79,000 dollars annually. With a salary in that range and no college tuition debt to pay off, you will be in a much better financial position earlier on in your career.

Potential to get a Job after Training and Education

According to a CNBC report from 2018, only 40 percent of college graduates receive job offers soon after graduating. In the Electric Industry and working with Shaw Electric, a 100 percent of apprentices are employed during and after completing the program and licensing test. Job security for a Journeyman Electrician can’t get any better.

Shaw Electric Apprenticeship Options & Career Paths

When you complete the apprenticeship program with Shaw, you benefit from having two options to complete classwork requirements. Shaw Electric schedules work to allow apprentices to attend class either in the evenings or for four one-week periods during January, February, March, and April. After earning the title of Licensed Journeyman Electrician, opportunities to work for Shaw Electric as a Project Manager, Service Technician, Electrical Estimator, or a Specialist Technician become available.

Begin Your Electrical Apprenticeship Today

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