Your 24-Hour Quad Cities and Waterloo Electrician

A Trustworthy Local Electrician for 24/7 Electrical Service

In order to keep your home or business running efficiently, you need a reliable local electrician who is readily available when things break down. Our 24-hour service department provides round the clock response to customer needs. When urgent needs arise, we respond to your industrial, commercial or residential call.

Indicators That You May Need Emergency Electrical Service

Char Marks Around Electrical Outlets

Visible Sparks

Frequent Circuit Tripping

Burning Smells

Flickering Lights

Flood or Water Damage

Fire Damage

If you are experiencing any of these electrical issues,

call our emergency electricians now.


Non-Urgent Electrical Issues

For non-emergency electrical service in the Quad City, Burlington and Waterloo areas, call our office during business hours or fill out the form below. We will get back to you to set up your appointment as soon as possible.


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