Gun Range Gazette Summer 2012 Edition

IAS Hits Gold at Shoot. The Shoot was to raise money On another hot summer day at the Bi- State Gun Club in Calona, Illinois, teams from Shaw Electric, Service Department, and IAS competed in a sporting clays competition. Competing over a course with 10 stands, 50 shots per 5-man team at each stand, the shot gunners did their best shatter the birds and claim the coveted Gold medal of Sporting Clays.

Teams competing this year were somewhat different than last year. After shooting many holes in the sky last year, the Light Expressions team decided to stay home and watch the Olympics. Replacing them was Team Service — but alas, their results were no different. Led by Joe ‘Nice Shirt’ DeVault, the rookie Team Service gamely tried to hit the clays, but they mainly hit just air. This reporter gave them credit, though, for their trash talking. Had Al ‘Missed ’em Clean’ Glover and Bruce ‘Tears for Iowa’ Pe- terson shot their guns like they did their mouths, they would have cer- tainly claimed gold. John ‘Spiderman’ Simaytis and Neil ‘Forgotten Man’ Arivett simply were not enough to carry Team Service.

Team Waterloo, lead by John ‘Missing in Action’ Greiner, were missing again from the competition.

This year, Bob ‘Trash Talkin’ Shaw came off the injured reserve list for Team Shaw. And Bob shot rather well. Although his team was dressed to the nines in their new Team Shaw shirts, their shooting had the odor of dirty laundry. Mark ’This Ain’t Baseball’ Clemons, Mike ’Where’s the Trigger’ Thola, Eric ’Cool Shades’ Holst, and Jacob ’Rookie’ Hudson should keep their day jobs and avoid the shooting circuit.

Team IAS proved once again to have too much firepower to be beaten. With top end shooting provided by Elliott ‘Deliverance’ Deering, fol- lowed by perennial all star Josh ‘Life After Kids’ Kruse, and 3 solid rounds from Stephen ‘Big Gun’ Mahieu, Jimmy ‘Life Before Kids‘ Skadal, and Mike ‘Quick Draw’ Pedersen, Team IAS took home the gold.

“Big Gun” Mahieu, shooting through thick steel plates for fun.

Bruce ‘Tears for Iowa’ Peterson is leading the trash talking Team Ser- vice, while John ‘Spiderman’ Simaytis launches another volley at a clay.

Team IAS, L to R, ‘Quick Draw’ Pedersen, ‘Deliverance’ Deering, your intrepid reporter, ‘Big Gun’ Mahieu, ‘Life Before Kids’ Skadal, and ‘Life After Kids’ Kruse.

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