A Ceiling Fan Trick to Save on Energy Costs this Summer

As temperatures continually rise outside, many tenants and homeowners will inevitably reach for the thermostat in hopes to catch a break from the heat. Before you crank the A/C this Summer, perform your due diligence with this one ceiling fan trick to save energy. 

Check for Proper Ceiling Fan Direction, Save on Electric Costs

Despite having lived in homes with ceiling fans for decades, many homeowners and apartment dwellers have not yet optimized the effectiveness of their fans. Your ceiling fan is made and designed to rotate in different directions depending on the season. In order to adjust the direction of rotation, look for a small switch near the motor of your ceiling fan (and while you’re up there, you might as well dust the blades). 

The correct direction for the summer months is counterclockwise for most manufacturers.

How does fan rotation work and why does it matter?

If your fan is properly adjusted for Summer, you should be able to feel a downward breeze while standing directly beneath the fan. This means that air is directed downward and quickly dispersed throughout the area below. In the Winter, the clockwise direction pushes air upward to disrupt the warmer air that rises to your ceiling and redisperses it around your home. Fan rotation matters because it allows your fan to effectively direct airflow to the correct areas, helping you reach a more ideal room temperature.

Benefits of Proper Fan Rotation

Creating a downward breeze through counterclockwise fan rotation allows you to feel cooler and save energy with a higher thermostat temperature. Just remember to turn off your fan when you leave the room! 

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